Purchasing Thuluthin calligraphy software via PayPal

Currently, the price of Thuluthin software is only 15 USD for each computer
(Based on hard disk).
The locking system is based on the hard disk. You must study the Rules before purchasing.
You can very easily purchase Thuluthin online. About 5 minutes after the payment, the download link will be generated automatically and will be at your disposal.
Please make sure that you have installed and tried the trial version before purchasing.
The trial version is on the right side of this very page.

Download the file below, run it on your system, and enter the number it shows you in the order placement form. (copy and paste it to the form at the end of the page)
The purchased Thuluthin will only work on this system.

Download the serial number displayer file for 32 bit systems
Download the serial number displayer file for 64 bit systems

Read Rules
Advantages and disadvantages

Thuluthin purchase form

Should you have any questions or problems, make sure that you let us know via Telegram or Email.
Telegram: @ahmad_ramezannia
Email: ahmad.ramezannia > gmail.com